Covid-19… Wake up to the new reality

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I don’t think people – specifically my age and below – are realizing the gravity of the pandemic. Mostly, you’ll be fine, sure… You’re young and your immune system functions well, and you will almost certainly survive.

The problem is with how quickly the infection rate, at a national scale, inundates the hospital system. Eventually, as is currently the case in Italy, doctors will have to turn you (or your mom, dad, grandpa, granny, aunt, etc.) away from the hospital simply because there is not another bed, ventilator, nurse, who can help you survive. And this will be the case for EVERYONE – irrespective of whether you have the Corona virus, or a broken arm, or a toddler with a massive fever. If ALL the hospitals are full… they are FULL!

There is, however, a simple solution to help the medical fraternity deal with the situation – SOCIAL DISTANCING. It really makes a massive difference to “flatten the curve” i.e. reduce the amount of new infections each day. This is our new reality and the sooner we start self-isolating the more chance we give our medical staff to deal with the situation.

Also, we will NOT be running out of supplies at the shops PROVIDED that you do not stock-pile on supplies. The CEO of Woolworths in Australia said that they deal with this kind of “panic-purchasing” every year – it’s called Christmas shopping. The only difference is that they prepare for it then, now we are just screwing ourselves…

So, while you pour yourself a “quarantinie” and wash your hands like you have OCD, Netflix and chill and refrain from mass gatherings; just remember to check in on your parents and make sure they are doing okay – over the phone, of course, and stop this ludicrous PANIC-PURCHASING for god-sakes!

See you on the other side… And for all the introverts – party like it’s ’99 (only an introvert will understand this. It’s not a real party, just by the way. It’s like that show “dinner for one” which is what an introvert really appreciatesĀ šŸ˜‰Ā ) Anyways, be safe!

Learn more about staying safe from Wired Magazine’s link below:

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