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Reading Time: < 1 minute First Impressions… Unboxing my notepad was an exciting experience! I had some anticipation building up waiting for my delivery to arrive as I had done some research and heard only…

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Sometimes you may need to rename a branch that has also been pushed to the remote repository. This is actually quite simple… 1. Rename your local branch From the branch…

Git Programming Nuggets

Reading Time: < 1 minute All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. Blaise Pascal – French Mathematician “kicking the can down the road” postponing the inevitable. All…


Reading Time: < 1 minute First, have a system for keeping track of tasks and who is responsible. Then, delegate and follow up. Easy 😉


Reading Time: < 1 minute Routine in an intelligent man is a sign of ambition. The surest way to discipline passion is to discipline time: decide what you want or ought to do during the…


Reading Time: < 1 minute Nice command to rename the terminal window title so that you know what you are working on / running in each window:

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Clearing cache:

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